Sandermoen School of Business

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A Focus on Leadership Performance

At Sandermoen we focus on the essence of leadership for personal, corporate and organizational success. We naturally recognize the importance of managing the day-to-day operations of an enterprise to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and acknowledge that the pressures to do so are only getting greater. However, an enterprise needs much more than that for long-term survival. In today’s rapidly-evolving world, those who wish to join an organization’s leadership team must greatly expand their abilities to see key influential forces at play, to understand the opportunities and risks such forces present, and to re-shape their organization and its offerings accordingly. At Sandermoen we focus on five leadership themes: Global LeadershipInnovation LeadershipSocial Enterprise LeadershipReal Estate Leadership orHealth & Safety Leadership, which are all both relevant and imperative for effectively dealing with the challenges of change and organizational sustainability.

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Built by Professionals

Our programs and courses have been designed by a special corps of highly qualified professors who have deep and successful career experience in both professional business and academic practice, and who are determined to provide you with an education that is thorough, engaging, challenging and relevant to the profession of management. To bring these designs to life, the Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton has built a team of e-Learning specialists who are second to none in this field, who strive to provide the most advanced learning environment using our current set of tools, while at the same time seeking the latest instructional technologies and online groupware tools as they emerge.

About the Sandermoen brand

The Sandermoen School of Business is named after Kjetil Sandermoen, founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of the University of Fredericton.