Financial Consulting

Are your numbers reflecting the real value of your business?


Avoid “Black Box Syndrome” – understand
what is going on inside your business processes,
not just the Input and Output numbers!


Whether you are planning to sell your business or you just need improved financial and economic control, it is imperative to know the real financial valuation of your company.

The traditional financial and economic approach is to measure input and output.

Instead, we focus on the total financial and economic situation, including the throughput, and make any “black boxes” transparent. We will give you clarity, improved financial information and therefore control.

Make us your partner in revealing, preparing and reaching the maximal potential for your business.

We can offer you
  • Financial Valuation
  • Preparing professional and dynamic business plan
  • Short and long-term financial planning
  • IPO preparation and assistance
  • M&A preparation and assistance
  • Profitability tracking