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We believe in instilling the right values: integrity, capability and joy!

Successful people can always be recognised by the following three characteristics; integrity, capacity and joy! These are the values we look for in our consulting team – and in the people we work with!

Integrity means that we will never do anything we are not qualified to do. We are focused on your interests. This also means that we are never afraid to tell our clients what we believe is the truth, even if it may be unpleasant for them.

Capability means that we have both the resources, the skill, the system and the experience to help you to become more successful.

Joy means that we want it to be a fun and pleasant experience to work with us, even when the issues we face together are difficult.

Anna Chediya Sandermoen


All our Associates have a proven track record of several years of leadership experience and a strong theoretical foundation. We have all worked in several different countries and cultures. For us, consulting means combining the best academic theories with the best managerial practice. We are able to communicate successfully with executives as well as first line employees. We like to consider our clients as real partners. We are ready to work with any organization provided we see commitment and an ethical foundation plus the mutual trust and respect necessary to achieve sustainable change and improvement. Above all we want working with us to be a joyful experience! We work across all industries, with clients in both the public and private sectors. We work globally and our client list includes both small as well as very large companies and organizations. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


“Kjetil Sandermoen is the very best partner to organize and run the necessary processes to produce predictable business results corporate wide. He has provided us with an easy to understand, yet powerful concept; real organizational participation; this produce solutions, not reports – and we can be operative from day one!” Agder Energy, Norway
Eivind Krokmo testem-1
“There is not any magic, but logic, discipline in following some quite simple rules… The only thing I am sorry about is that my competitors might learn the same from Kjetil Sandermoen.” The Norwegian DefenceE Estate Agency
Frode Sjursen Frode
“С помощью Шетила Сандермоена моя компания внедрила все фазы организационной трансформации по методологии Адизеса. Во многом благодаря этому из компании из трех человек мы стали компанией-лидером страны на рынке детских товаров.” Redhead Family Corporation, Ukraine
Vladislav Burda RedHead
“Kjetil Sandermoen and his Adizes Scandinavia team has provided us with the most powerful tools and processes to manage change. He has made complex and sensitive operations – such as the design of our new organizational structure – into a process in which everyone can participate, influence – and most of all learn. Both politicians and employees have participated and are very impressed by how synergetic this process can be. We now have a culture of Mutual Trust and Respect in our organization and a Continue reading →
Jan Reitehaug Jan
“Шетил помог нашей компании пройти болезненный переход от стадии «Давай-Давай» к «Зрелой организации» в наиболее сложной и конфликтной области – изменение организационной структуры, функциональных обязанностей и ролей. Его опыт, энергетика и личная вовлеченность в проект помогли мне с честью выйти из сложностей, с которыми столкнулась компания. Он показал мне, что такое лидерство и топ-менеджмент, за что они отвечают и что они должны делать в компании. Он обучил нас инструментам управления организацией по методологии Адизеса, которые позволили контролировать ситуацию в кризисное время и выйти более сильной Continue reading →
Dmitry Kazachkov dmitry